If you’ve somehow stumbled upon this blog, welcome! I’m Jenni, a Communications and Public Relations graduate with a keen interest in content writing and a love for books.

I first created this blog back in 2018, but in between then and early 2020 I had a few hiatuses, deleted many old posts, had a re-brand, and changed my content slightly. So it is safe to say that this blog has been a long time coming, but it is now at a place which I am immensely proud of.

As someone who is seeking a career in communications and content writing, this blog is a great way for me to practice and improve my writing whilst showcasing my skills. It has also amplified my love for reading; I thoroughly enjoy having my own small corner of the internet in which I can converse with fellow reading enthusiasts about books and what I am currently reading. I love the fact that I am able to combine both my personal and career interests together through running this blog, and I am extremely excited to see it grow.

I really hope you enjoy my reviews and that I introduce you to some books you will end up adoring! And thank you to everyone who has shown me any support in my blogging adventure so far.